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Premium Accredited Investors

As of the 3rd quarter 2015, we have 10,000 ultra-premium accredited investor leads for sale. These records include Name, Email, Phone and Mailing Address (although approximately 2,000 do not have mailing addresses).

This is a high caliber list. All are private placement investors active in the past 6 months. These investors registered online for specific private placements and acknowledged a $100,000 minimum investment is not an issue. There are qualified investors (approximately 10%) in the list as well that have the ability to write checks for $5 Million and up.

We have more than 75,000 current accredited investor leads but these 10,000 are our best of breed. You can test us out at the level you are comfortable with then circle back after deploying your marketing campaign. We offer a very modest 500 lead minimum order for less than $1 per active accredited investor. Or, pay only half that amount when you purchase 10,000!

Questions? Contact us by phone 312-545-8780 or Email.