Q: What is your minimum order?

A: 500 Accredited Investor leads.


Q: Where do you get your leads from?

A: Phenom Ventures (our parent company) has various methods and resources for compiling our accredited investor databases. We have chosen to offer just the best 10,000 accredited leads, even though we possess well over 100,000 verified accredited investors. The leads offered here are bona fide private placement and SPV (special purpose vehicle) investors that qualified themselves for a $100,000 minimum investment. The leads registered online for access to pre-ipo investment and venture capital opportunities. These leads are legit and not offered anywhere else online!


Q: What is your quote/relationship with Forbes all about?

A: We have sourced Forbes our investor data since 2011. They have been one of our largest clients and the President of Forbes.com’s quote was approved to help our new customers differentiate us from other online data sources. The lead business is filled with fakes, phonies, and outright bad data. We pride ourselves on providing legitimate data that gets results.


Q: What is the best way to contact the investors in your lists?

A: We are big email marketers and feel it is an effective tool for lead generation. Additionally, phone calls and/or direct mail are still valid methods of contact and a combination ensures the greatest response. We even recommend seeking the leads out on LinkedIn before contacting them to make it a “warm call”.


Q: Do you break down your data by state?

A: You can request states of focus but we do not guarantee data exclusive to those states. We do not sell less than 500 leads as a minimum order and cannot fill any one state orders at that level. So, we recommend buying the minimum and requesting several states if you need to be particular.


Q: Do you provide refunds?

A: We have a 100% NO cash refund policy. However, we guarantee 97% accuracy for phone numbers and a 90% deliverability rate via email. Many people send emails in ways that “soft” bounces occur even though the address is valid.


Q: Will you send the emails for us if we purchase a list?

A: If you have a budget of $7,500 or more, we absolutely will. We provide other opt-in accredited lists that we own as a part of a larger marketing package. Whether you want to own or “rent” the data is up to you. If you buy our 10,000 accredited investor database, and there is room to grow the relationship, we can consider sending on your behalf from our global email servers.


Q: Do you raise money?

A: Our CEO has raised capital for almost 20 years. The last 13 years has been exclusive to accredited investors and institutions. However, we only sell the “tools” and “picks and shovels” you have to conduct the outreach. We have the ability to raise money for select deals but as of late 2015, we have too full of a plate to consider anything new.