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Accredited Investors

Quality Accredited Investor Leads Found No Where Else Online.

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Perfect for driving new investors to a crowdfunding platform or individual deal, late stage Pre-IPO’s, hedge funds, or other alternative assets. Please note we have a minimum order of 500 leads.

10,000 accredited investors


  • Newly verified, premium and highly responsive investor database. Less than $0.50 per lead.
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3,000 accredited investors


  • The best accredited investor leads on the market today hands down.
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1,000 accredited investors


  • Each investor qualified themselves for a $100,000 private investment opportunity.
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500 accredited investors


  • *Minimum Order* Sector agnostic leads. These folks just want smart investment ideas
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Michael Smith, President,

Michael Smith, President,

Eric and his team at Phenom Ventures (owner of have become a trusted partner of ours.


Ultra-Premium Leads

10,000 ultra-premium accredited investor leads

Quality Data

Records include Name, Email & Phone.

High Caliber List

These investors registered online for specific private placements and acknowledged a $100,000 minimum investment is not an issue.

Active Contacts

All are private placement investors active in the past 6 months.

Qualified Investors

There are qualified investors (approximately 10%) in the list as well that have the ability to write checks for $5 Million and up.

Best Of The Breed

We have more than 75,000 current accredited investor leads but these lists are our best of breed.

About The Company

Our company is owned by Phenom Ventures LLC, whose Founder has raised money from and marketed to Accredited Investors for nearly 20 years. Many lead brokers have never raised a dime in capital but we know the difference between quality data and garbage.

Top tier accredited investor lists are not easy to find but we know how to find accredited investors. Whether you are focused on private placement investors, hedge fund investors, or crowdfunding leads, our up to date list of premium accredited investors will produce results.

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